That Girl

Anna Elizabeth Tarovitzky stepped off the boat, her tiny hand clutched tightly to the hand of Suzanne Tarovitzky. Suzanne, a young woman in her early 20’s spoke no English, but found her way thru customs and all the way from the port in New York to the small village of Ormrod, Pennsylvania. It was the early 1900s. Public transportation of any type was scarce, difficult and long. Methods of communicating were largely paper and pen. Yet, this young woman, barely in her 20s and toting a child traveled from Czecho-Slovakia (as it was known at the time) all the way to tiny Ormrod, Pennsylvania.

Suzanne was my grandmother whom I never met. And Anna was my mother. And I am “That Girl” – the girl who came of age in the late 60’s and 70’s watching Marlo Thomas on TV and not knowing all I could do and not realizing the strength that lay within my own genes. I watched Marlo’s independence in New York City and never thought that could be me. And yet, in my own way, I hope that I became “That Girl”.

This blog is about all the wonderful people and experiences that made me, me.